A 3 Step Plan to Unfuck American Democracy

Voting rights are under attack, reproductive rights are under attack, the Supreme Court is wildly out of touch with the will of the people, and one out of two major political parties is currently running “pro-insurrection” candidates. This is not good. Fortunately, democracy is iterative, and with swift and decisive action we can get this country back on track. VoteAmerica has a three-step plan to address the current situation. First, we use technology to modernize voter registration, with a dual goal of expanding the electorate while reducing costs. Voter registration remains an analogue process in a digital world, and we’re actively changing that. Our commonsense solutions will free up roughly half a billion dollars a year for more substantive work than helping citizens fill out paperwork. Second, we’re working on legislative changes needed to eliminate voter registration entirely. Third, we’ll be working to expand the house, which will effectively eliminate the electoral college. Technology won’t solve the issues facing our country, but it will help scale the solutions we need to implement. If you’re interested in the future of American democracy, please consider registering for this session.

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