Power Up! Using Tech, Data and People to Accelerate Impact – Erin Stein & Madeline Hutchinson

Are you a nonprofit looking for resources to help build tech or derive data insights at your organization? Are you a corporate who is looking to build/scale tech- and data-for-good programs? Not really sure what ‘Tech and Data for Good’ looks like within the for-profit sector? Come learn how the 30+ organizations in the Tech and Data for Good symposium mobilize their volunteers to use their skills to accelerate social impact. We will share case studies, empower you to effectively use our open source Tech and Data for Good landscape—detailing out the existing programs in this space and how you can connect with them—and walk you through actionable tips to prepare you for your own tech and data journey. You will walk away with tangible resources and inspiration about the role technology, data and cross-sector partnerships can play in strengthening our communities.

The session is geared towards (1) nonprofit organizations looking to partner with corporates to leverage technology and the power of data to advance their missions (2) other corporates looking to build out / collaborate on tech or data for good programming and (3) individual volunteers who are seeking opportunities to participate in skilled volunteerism projects. Join us!

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