Using Your Power for Good: Tools for Equitable Leadership – Rachel Hands

In tech and beyond, we’ve all seen countless examples of power being used to exacerbate inequities – it’s basically the default setting of power. For those who care deeply about creating a more equitable world, this can make us hesitant to seek and use our power, leading us to miss opportunities to make real change.

As tech professionals, we’re uniquely positioned to create change at scale, making it even more critical that we take those opportunities to make our voices heard and amplify each other.

In this session, we’ll talk about key tools that every leader who cares about equity needs to have at their disposal. You’ll learn why and how to own your power; create outcome-focused structures for feedback and evaluation; understand your gaps and commit to continuous improvement (it’s not just for release management anymore!); and walk away with tons of resources for diving deeper.

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