Navigating the Data Wilderness: Analytics Staffing for Nonprofits and NGOs – Justin Birdsong

Data & Analytics careers in the nonprofit/NGO sector are becoming increasingly common as organizations focus more and more on data-driven approaches to amplify program impact, increase fundraising, broaden marketing outreach, and influence legislation through advocacy and policy. But who ought to guide nonprofits through the wilderness of data strategies, techniques, and technologies? What staffing and skills do you need to achieve your goals, and when do you outsource vs. hire expertise? Hosted by Justin Birdsong, Vice President of Cause Craft Consulting, you’ll hear from two innovative nonprofit leaders — Thania Sanchez, SVP of Research & Policy Development for States United Democracy Center, and Anna Rhodes, Director of Data & Analysis for Digital Fundraising & Supporter Engagement with Planned Parenthood Federation of America— and learn about right-sizing your Data & Analytics talent for your organization.

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