No Code for No Profit: Build custom apps for your organization and constituents without going broke – Maria Dyshel

Does custom software need to be expensive? You’ve probably asked yourself that question, hearing price quotes of $50,000 and above to build a web or mobile interface that could help you serve your constituents at scale. Luckily, there are tools that can help you prototype and build applications for a fraction of time and cost. First adopted by the cash-poor startups and becoming increasingly mainstream, no-code and low-code applications have been fueling a proper revolution in the tech world – and it’s about time nonprofits start taking notice. In this session, we’ll look at popular no-code tools like Bubble, Budibase, Integromat and more, and explore how they can be used to build apps for your team and constituents. Attendees will walk away with practical tips on choosing the right tool for their project, evaluating the fit and feasibility of no-code technology, and launching their first no-code application!

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