From field to funder; from inputs to insights.

Enterprise NGOs, Grantmakers, and Multi-laterals are faced with a mountain of challenges when it comes to having a 360-degree view of their impact, from collecting the data in the field to aggregating program and project data regionally and globally to reporting back to funders.
Now, more than ever, the nonprofit sector is engaging with technology solution partners to create a single source of truth and implement monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) solutions that break down data silos and generate impact insights for all those who need them.

In our session, we will look at the 5 levels of a MEL data flow and discuss the needs, desires, and challenges at each level:
Point of service: e.g. capturing intake, surveys, attendance, visits
Local offices: e.g. monitoring participants, services, and programs,
National/regional offices: e.g. managing projects, indicators, work plans, and results
Headquarters: e.g. planning and managing programs and projects, accountability, reporting analytics
Interaction with key external stakeholders via direct information sharing, websites, IATI reporting, and BI visualizations
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