UNI – Bridge the Digital Divide

After 2 years (about the duration of COVID-19), we are at a turning point. This is UNI, the result of a lot of sweat and code (15,000 hours of work, to be exact). Check out Valentin Kravtchenko, our founder & CEO give a quick presentation about UNI. The goal of UNI? Connect the unconnected. Half of the world did not have access to the internet in the last 3 months. But we don’t want to only make WiFi accessible in the most remote areas of the world. We want those communities to have UNLIMITED access to some of the best content in the world.
Within this presentation, you’ll hear about making digital content accessible all around the world, the digital divide, and how UNI helps reduce this issue. You’ll also learn about where we’re deployed, what type of content can be accessed offline, and how UNI is a field-ready solution!
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