Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security

Transforming Information Security: Optimizing Five Concurrent Trends to Reduce Resource Drain” provides a path forward as we embrace end-to-end encryption to enable simpler and more effective security management. In order to combat cyber threats, including those that impact small and medium sized organizations that are part of the supply chain, we need to rethink how information security is delivered and managed. We are at a pivotal point in IT, where change is possible if we embrace trends on strong encryption, pervasive encryption, the network protocol stack evolution, data-centric management, and user owned data and transition to architectural patterns that scale. Assuming we as an industry achieve built-in security, with simplified management to enable businesses of all sizes, the tools and techniques of the incident responder changes. This talk will review these five important trends in combination, examples of new architectural patterns that scale, and a projected future state including a view into defense.

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