Empowering Human-Centered Tech in Community-Based Organizations (Part 1 of 5)

Are tech challenges hindering your organization’s progress? With teams already juggling multiple roles, it’s essential that your technological tools complement rather than complicate your efforts. More than just upgrading systems or exploring the latest software, resolving tech issues in your organization requires a deep dive into the emotional dynamics at play. Discover the significance of cultivating a vibrant digital culture tailored for organizations like yours. Recognize that emotions such as tech shame, feeling isolated in the digital space, and insecurities can be more obstructive than the actual tech limitations. Tim Lockie, founder of The Human Stack, warmly invites OpenChange participants to a transformative webinar. Delve into the profound connections between technology and emotions and explore how addressing these can lead to better organizational outcomes. As part of the session, attendees can engage with a specialized 6-question Digital Health Quiz, examining their technological relationship and the steps needed for improvement. What this webinar promises: A Fresh Perspective: Understand the importance of digital culture in achieving tech harmony, ensuring it aligns with organizational goals. Unmasking the Real Culprits: Dive deep into emotional challenges such as tech shame, digital isolation, and insecurities that may hamper technological progress. Emotions & Tech: Gain insights into the emotional side of technology and the role of community in fostering better outcomes. Engagement with Insight: Interact in real-time with our Digital Health Quiz and help you understand your organization’s tech stance and areas of improvement. Boost Team Empathy: Cultivate a compassionate understanding of yourself and your teammates, promoting a positive digital environment. Actionable Steps: Create a stronger digital culture prioritizing human connection and belonging. Let’s not just adapt to technology; let’s shape it to resonate with our inherent human strengths.
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