Who the TECH should do the tech? The incredible benefits of empowering a digital driver in a nonprofit. (Part 2 of 5)

Nonprofits have more tech than they know what to do with! Even small nonprofits with less than 10 staff are running between 15 and 50 different tools and systems. Whose job is it to make sure they are all working well? All of the goals in the 5-year plan depend on technology and information, so what do we say to the board when they ask what progress is being made? Who decides what tool to use for your CRM, CMS, SEO, GLS, ERP, and AMS? These all sound like “what system should we use” questions, but savvy nonprofits know better. They know the real question isn’t what, it’s who: Who the heck should do the tech? A digital driver, that’s who! With over 15 years of tech experience, ten years of direct consulting, and four years of R&D into system success, The Human Stack is here to change the narrative on technology by showing how small nonprofits can empower an internal expert (the Digital Driver). This workshop includes a toolkit to find and support this person on your team so that you can use the tech and team you already have, with an invitation to hear more about Digital Driver’s Ed. You’ll start the workshop feeling like this is too good to be true, but you’ll leave feeling like it’s too true to ignore!
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