That’s one TECH of a monthly plan! Annual digital strategies rarely work so instead make a monthly tech plan in minutes. (Part 4 of 5)

Look, the tech struggle is real. Nonprofits are frustrated and for good reason: insecurity about the right tech tools, users that don’t adopt, frustrations by users go unchanged, data quality so bad that it creates a “why bother” attitude, and paralysis sets in. Before long, the only option feels like it’s to burn it down and start over. But hold the matches for a minute, what if you could operationalize tech issues into workable plans your whole team could understand and get behind?
With over 15 years of tech experience, 10 years of direct consulting, and 4 years of R&D into system success, The Human Stack is here to change the narrative on how to get your technology unstuck by teaching nonprofits to use the tech they currently have to solve the problems they currently have. This workshop includes a magic formula to identify solvable problems, a free monthly plan generator template (which includes a translator so leaders can understand it), and an invitation to hear more about Digital Driver’s Ed. Come to this workshop and let us change “I CAN’T DO IT” to “I CAN DO IT THIS MONTH!”.
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