Leveraging AI to Democratize Strategic Planning in Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations face unique challenges in strategic planning, often operating with limited resources and facing complex social problems. In the for-profit sector, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) have revolutionized strategic planning, but their adoption in the non-profit world has been slow, partly due to cost and complexity. In this session, we will explore how AI can be a game-changer in this context. We will discuss how AI can make OKRs more accessible and effective for non-profits, emphasizing cost reduction and improved strategic outcomes. Through real-world examples, we will demonstrate the practical application and benefits of OKR planning in the non-profit sector. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to leverage OKRs for strategic planning and the ability to implement these techniques in their organizations. As a seasoned expert in implementing OKRs in various sectors, I will share insights and practical tips to help non-profits make smarter, faster, and better decisions using OKRs.

Mike Burns brings over two decades of technology innovation and leadership to the strategic planning landscape, with a robust educational background in Computer Science (BS) and Management Information Systems (MBA). His journey from being a transformative Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Benco Dental, a $1B industry leader. At Benco, Mike led a team of 100 technologists across the globe, achieving significant milestones that redefined corporate efficiency and growth – including leading the strategic planning process and OKR implementation globally.

Transitioning to entrepreneurship, Mike and his co-founder, Alan, launched their first AI product, StratSimple, onto the market in 2023, aiming to democratize strategic planning for non-profits and mid-sized businesses. StratSimple, a B2B AI-powered platform, introduces generative AI coaching to simplify and enhance the strategic planning process, making sophisticated planning and goal-setting accessible to organizations of all sizes.

An accomplished speaker, Mike shares his deep insights on integrating large language models and AI into business processes. His presentations on the operational impacts of AI, safety best practices, and adoption strategies resonate with executives globally, offering a pragmatic view on leveraging technology for strategic advantage.

Based in Northeast, PA, with his family, Mike’s passion for technology parallels his love for gaming—be it video games, board games, or disc golf. This enthusiasm for strategy and competition mirrors his professional drive to innovate and lead in the AI and strategic planning sectors.

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