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What Does It Mean to Be Intimate with Our Data?

Genevieve sits down with Rebecca Rae, Jicarilla Apache Researcher, Evaluator, and co-learner. They discuss the ideas behind Indigenous Data Sovereignty and the importance of trust, agency, humility, and community.

How To Put Trust and Human Relationships at The Core of Our Work

Genevieve Smith sits down with Donita Volkwijn, Senior Director of Member Engagement at Philanthropy New York. They discuss the connections between trauma, joy, and love and our knowledge management practices and data systems—trust and human relationships must be at the core of our work.

Tech Delivery Of Offline Learning Resources Needed To Bridge The Digital Divide

Panel Description:The Digital Divide is a gargantuan foe that could take up to 10 years to fully overcome as broadband-for-all (BFA) is implemented across the USA. In the meantime up to 16 million students in the USA are living with no or unstable access to the internet, resulting in a growing education gap and learning …

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Enemy At The Gates: Why We Need To Rebalance Philanthropy

The pandemic, George Floyd protests, and deepening climate crisis have all led to an acceleration of a trend that was already occurring – that corporations, in particular, are co-opting or taking advantage of the nonprofit sector instead of establishing meaningful structures to assist local communities in need.

Good Tech Fest 2022 Keynote

1pm Welcome by Andrew Means, Founder of Good Tech Fest 1:15pm Amy Sample Ward & Afua Bruce – Authors of The Tech That Comes Next 2pm Woodrow Rosenbaum – LIVE Why IT Matters interview with your hosts Tim Lockie and Tracy Kronzak 2:30pm Dr. Ronda Železný-Green – The purpose-driven data professional is emerging – are …

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Giving Tuesday Invests in Data

This week I sit down with Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Officer at Giving Tuesday, to learn about some of the exciting investments they are making into data infrastructure.

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