Data Strategy for Nonprofits: Empowering Impactful Change

October 4th: 10-10:50am PST

Discover the key to empowering impactful change in the non-profit sector through effective data strategy. Join this session to explore how unified data analytics can revolutionize your organization’s approach to creating a lasting positive impact. Learn how data-driven decision-making can optimize resource allocation, increase donor engagement, and drive program effectiveness. Uncover practical strategies to enhance transparency, accountability, and compliance while safeguarding sensitive information. Together, let’s harness the transformative power of data to strengthen your nonprofit’s mission and deliver meaningful change to the communities you serve.

As a cybersecurity consultant and architect with over 17 years of experience, I have a passion for helping organizations secure their lines of business, innovate using data analytics, and improve their overall security posture. My expertise spans multiple technology and functional domains, and I have a strong track record of designing, delivering, and implementing new technologies for clients in various industries, including higher education, healthcare, government, utilities, and finance.

Recording coming soon!! We apologize for the technological difficulties and the delay!

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