Building an AI Analyst for Government and Nonprofits: Early Lessons in Working with GenAI for Social Good

October 4th at 1pm PST

In this session from Brighthive founder & CEO you’ll learn about the development of Brightbot, a tool using generative AI to help users better explore and understand the insights held within their data.

Matt Gee is an entrepreneur, data scientist, and researcher. He’s the co-founder and CEO of BrightHive, a public benefit corporation focused on data sharing and governed analytics. At BrightHive, Matt has worked to advance new forms of responsible data sharing and reuse (e.g. data collaboratives, data trusts, self-sovereign data) as well as applications of Generative AI that make analytics more accessible for everyone. He is a Data and Society Fellow at the University of Chicago’s Knowledge Lab and previously worked as a senior research fellow at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy at the University of Chicago. He was the co-founder of Data Science for Social Good, the Impact Lab, Recurve, and He serves on several nonprofit boards, including Candid and the Chicago Learning Exchange. Matt is originally from Austin, TX, so he also has the requisite band with his brother’s, called Governing Bodies. Their biggest gig to date was their sister’s wedding. 

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