How to meet Required Compliance Frameworks and Define your Own

October 4th at 2pm PST

Are you concerned about maturing your security operations? Did you have a breach? Is your nonprofit adhering to compliance frameworks, like HIPPA? Come hear a fellow security professionals story about how he used a breach and a compliance framework to improve security operations and bolster hope for the future. In addition, we will help provide guidance on building your own framework for your organization as a security best practice. And prepare you for other compliance frameworks your organization can use to help.

​​Derrick Lawson is a security specialist for Splunk, advising many Federal Civilian agencies on the landscape, risk, and best practices in cybersecurity, technical architecture, system operations, and development. Derrick has an 25+ year technology background in system operations and development highlighted by Oracle, where he was one of the primary architects and the System Operations/Development Director under Oracle’s philanthropic arm for the Oracle Education Foundation & Oracle Academy.  Some of his successes there include building, a free protected social educational environment for kids in schools worldwide, and securing/managing ThinkQuest, a global competition for kids to build educational websites – In their prime, some of the 9000+ websites created for the ThinkQuest competition were in the top sites ranked by Google. At Splunk, Derrick also returned to his roots in semantic data analysis and mathematics, where he began his career at Raytheon creating the heuristics and semantic analysis programs to identify human traffickers and analyze human trafficker patterns for IDENT, now under US Visit. Derrick has a BS in Mathematics from George Mason University and is also a CISSP.

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