Mapping Home Fire Risk to Save Lives – Dr. Kelson Shilling-Scrivo

October 4th: 11-11:50am PST

Each year more than 2,500 Americans lose their lives to home fires. The 360,000+ home fires that occur each year seriously injure more than 13,000 people and cause over $7 billion in property damage. Approximately 23 percent of U.S. households have no or non-working smoke alarms; these same households account for 60 percent of home fire related deaths. Many of these tragedies are easily preventable. Simply having a working smoke alarm increases survivability in a home fire by up to 50 percent.
In response to this, the Red Cross, in partnership with the DC chapter of DataKind, created the Home Fire Risk Map- a data science project to identify and map at-risk communities in order to target interventions to those who need it most. In this talk, I will demo the latest release of the map as well as review the underlying models that power it.

Dr. Kelson Shilling-Scrivo Is a Data Scientist at the Red Cross. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. He is one of the 2022 Top 40 under 40 Humanitarian Tech Entrepreneurs of the Year for his work on the American Red Cross- Home Fire Risk Map. He is an advocate for open science, working with both Neuromatch Academy and the Center for Reproducible Research.

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