Tools in Digital Protection – John Zoltner

October 4th: 12-12:50pm PST

As we’ve seen with social media, messaging apps, cryptocurrencies and even baby monitors, tech can be used for good but can just as easily be used to harm. How do we provide access to technology tools and the internet while keeping children and other vulnerable populations safe from harm? In this session, speakers from the Trust and Safety departments of the major tech platforms used by children, including Meta, Snap, TikTok, Twitch (Amazon), Google, or others on how they think about and approach Trust & Safety. Then discuss how these lessons can be applied to the social sector context.

John Zoltner applies information and communication technologies (ICTs) to accelerate humanitarian and development initiatives that serve the world’s children and communities most impacted by inequality and discrimination while, at the same time, protecting them from the risks that technology introduces. John leads the Technology for Development (T4D) practice at Save the Children US, and is the Global Goal Team Lead for Child Protection from Digital Harm across the Save the Children movement. He believes in using whatever technology works to benefit children, from low-tech radio communications to help students continue to learn while displaced from their schools to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to protect children from online grooming by sexual predators. John is a member of the WeProtect Global Alliance Technology Working Group, and is on the advisory boards of Child Wise, a Save the Children-Australia social enterprise, and the Western Sydney University’s Young and Resilient Research Centre. He speaks frequently during global events on the topics of technologies to keep children safe online, online child protection, efforts by technology companies to increase trust and safety on their platforms and digital child safeguarding.

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