Why Observability is Key to Fulfilling Nonprofits Mission

October 4th at 12pm PST

If you’re a nonprofit that’s building technology to forward your mission, you’re going to need observability. Learn how DataKind has worked with a spectrum of nonprofits to build technology solutions to address society’s greatest challenges.

Lawrence Kilroy comes to DataKind with more than 20 years of experience at the intersection of technology strategy, organizational development, policy leadership, product management, and communications. He’s a technical strategist with a history of developing globally-reaching, data-driven solutions that span environmental and social justice campaigns, international development and fair trade, and internal operations to enable top performance. Larry has been tapped as an advisor and speaker by iconic consumer brands and nonprofit organizations on data systems, security, and transparency. He often wonders how his BA in Medieval History from Washington College led to all of this, but he’s grateful it did. Originally from the hills of western Massachusetts, Larry spends his free time searching for new sights, sounds, and tastes in his adopted home cities of Washington DC and New York.

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