Building a Data Team: 3 Perspectives

In this session DrivenData co-founder Peter Bull will talk about how organizations can build their own in-house data team (and think about the tradeoffs for even making this investment). To accomplish that you will hear from three different and critical perspectives on building out a data team.

Technical: Peter Bull, Principal Data Scientist at DrivenData. Brings a perspective on decisions of picking the most effective technical tools, the process for hiring technical talent, which data skills you need when, building vs. buying, and in-sourcing vs. out-sourcing.

Operational: Ginger Zielinskie, Chief Growth Officer at The Federation of American Scientists. Brings a perspective on building a high-functioning data science team within a non-profit, with perspective on recruiting talent, organizational support, budgeting, and building support.

Funding: Claudia Juech, former Vice President of Data and Society PJMF. Brings a perspective on how funders think about supporting investments in data capacity for grantees, how to talk about these initiatives, and what makes for long-term success.
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