Building Digital Resilience in the Social Sector – Plenary Sessions

    A Conversation on Data Science & Social Impact – Victoria Vrana & Nick Hamlin (GlobalGiving)
    In this fireside chat Andrew Means sits down with Victoria Vrana, CEO of GlobalGiving, and Nick Hamlin, Director of Data Science & Analytics at Global Giving. We will discuss how GlobalGiving incorporates data science into its work, the role of data in driving and implementing strategy, and the relationship between an executive and their lead data person. View recording below.

    Lessons From the World’s Leading NGOs – Fireside Chat with Lance Pierce (NetHope) and Lauren Woodman (DataKind)
    NetHope and Datakind support and work with some of the largest, most impactful organizations in the world and cybersecurity and AI is central to both their efforts. In this candid conversation these two nonprofit CEOs will be sharing about their work, what they’ve learned working with large NGOs, and how they wish the social sector would step-up around cybersecurity and AI. View recording below.

    Victoria Vrana is a senior leader in innovation and philanthropy at the helm of GlobalGiving. Victoria joined GlobalGiving from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she served as Deputy Director of Philanthropic Partnerships, overseeing portfolios in policy, data, and everyday giving. Previously, Victoria held positions with Venture Philanthropy Partners, the Morino Institute, and Millennium Communications. Early in her career, she directed Network of East-West Women Online, the first online network linking women’s rights activists and NGOs in post-Soviet countries with global counterparts. Victoria studied in Germany and Hungary and has a degree in comparative literature from the University of California, Davis. She serves on the board of directors of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation and the Paypal Giving Fund. Victoria lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband, is an incredibly proud mom to three amazing daughters, and gets out to the forest and beach as much as possible.

    Nick Hamlin lives to make social sector data accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone. He currently leads the data team at GlobalGiving, a nonprofit that helps trusted, community-led organizations around the world access the money, tools, training, and support they need to make our world a better place. He’s also served as a Data Ambassador for Datakind’s impact practice in community health, a contributor to O’Reilly’s “97 Things about Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know”, and a guest lecturer for multiple data-related Techchange offerings.  In his past life, Nick worked as a reliability consulting engineer for Fortune 500 companies around the world and held NSF research positions in China and Thailand.  Outside the office, he is a folk musician, amateur coffee nerd, and former worm farmer.

    Lauren Woodman has over 20 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, policy and programme implementation, including leadership roles in the software, nonprofit and government sectors. Prior to DataKind, Lauren served as CEO of NetHope, worked for a decade at Microsoft, as an executive at the Software and Information Industry Association, and shaped policy at the United Nations. Lauren is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Stewards for its Initiative on Digital Economy and its Trustworthy Data Collaboration.

    Lance Pierce is the CEO of NetHope, a consortium of more than 60 leading global nonprofits representing over 60% of the world’s aid funding delivered through NGOs annually. NetHope is united with over 50 major technology companies and international funding institutions to design, fund, implement, adapt, and scale innovative approaches to solve some of the world’s most complex humanitarian, development, and conservation challenges. Lance has been a strategic advisor and executive with companies and nonprofit organizations; building new ventures and partnerships for sustainable finance and investing, climate change, corporate social responsibility, sustainable supply chains, international development and policy. 

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