Good Tech Fest 2022

Moving Towards Human-Centered AI – Meena Das

We have AI-driven products around us. We are heading towards a future where embracing this technology will be the normal. So how do we, then, ensure that it centers community in the core? In this session, we’ll talk about those not-so-subtle points we must know and remember for the human-centric AI our industry deserves.

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Identify your Data Science-able Problem – Rachel Wells

Do you want to use data science to improve your organization’s work, but you’re not sure where to start? Engage in a live workshop with DataKind’s Scoping Squad at Good Tech Fest! The most challenging part of executing on a data science problem is defining the problem statement collaboratively with both data science and social … Read more

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Crypto for Good: How 10K NFTs of Monkeys Are Changing the World

Amanda Terry is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Metagood, a for-profit company that strives to build a better future for Web3 while doing good along the way. Through its first NFT project OnChainMonkey, Metagood has simultaneously created value for its community members and contributed to several important causes. During this session, Amanda will … Read more

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How To Measure A Reader – Rachel Heavner

How can machine learning and data help us better measure behaviors like reading? Worldreader is a global nonprofit that uses technology to expand access to books in vulnerable communities. While apps with digital libraries and reading activities are their primary tool, the end goal isn’t just to produce apps — it is to cultivate lifelong … Read more

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Don’t be afraid of your data: How the Data Ambassadors program helps nonprofits become data-driven – Carly Sessions

Most nonprofit professionals today do not have the data training they need to meet requests from funders to be data-driven. This session reviews how January Advisors worked with Houston-area nonprofit organizations to develop and execute a strategy to become data-driven. Our work focused on training a cross-functional team of ‘Data Ambassadors’ to increase their data … Read more

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Scaling Civil Legal Aid with

Criminal records have numerous downstream impacts. They can limit the ability of individuals to find housing, get a job, and participate in public life. What’s more, the downstream impacts of a criminal record aren’t limited to felonies or convictions. Even people convicted of a misdemeanor or who have had a case dismissed face these barriers. … Read more

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Navigating the Data Wilderness: Analytics Staffing for Nonprofits and NGOs – Justin Birdsong

Data & Analytics careers in the nonprofit/NGO sector are becoming increasingly common as organizations focus more and more on data-driven approaches to amplify program impact, increase fundraising, broaden marketing outreach, and influence legislation through advocacy and policy. But who ought to guide nonprofits through the wilderness of data strategies, techniques, and technologies? What staffing and … Read more

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